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Friday, December 19, 2014

Overnight Snowfall Totals In The Sac's.

Blog Updated @ 2:35 PM MST.

Good Morning - Sunrise From Ski Apache. 

Slowly but surly Ski Apace with a base elevation of 9,600' is turning white. In the past 24 hours they have picked up 5" of new snow giving them a seasonal total now of 15". With a combination of man made and natural snow their midway snow depth is 29". 

Reports from Cloudcroft this morning indicate that 2" of new snow fell there overnight. Sunspot is reporting 2.9".

6 Days Of Dense Fog - Rather Unusual.

Dense fog (with visibility's of less than 1/4 of a mile) is not unheard of in southeastern New Mexico. But to experience it 6 days and nights in a row is a rather uncommon occurrence. There were times when you literally could not see more than 50' in front of you last week.

The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction! 

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