Current Weather 2.1 Miles NNW Downtown Carlsbad, NM.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More Winter Weather Today & Tonight.


A much colder airmass is currently working its way southward into southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. At 7:45 AM MST the temperature at the Carlsbad Airport is 52°F ahead of the frontal boundary. Roswell is down to 39°F, Lubbock is 35°F with a wind chill of 25°F, Clovis is 30°F with a wind chill of 19°F, while Clayton in northeastern New Mexico is 20°F with a wind chill of 4°F. Temperatures will continue to drop locally as the colder air settles in behind the frontal boundary today. For most of the local area our highest temperatures of the day have already occurred.

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