Saturday, October 1, 2011

Big Changes Late Next Week.

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Looking ahead to the middle to the end of next week looks really interesting. The seasons first significant upper-level trough of low pressure is forecast to dive southward out of the Pacific Northwest, and into the Desert Southwest.

This will be the fall seasons first major storm, and it will likely produce high mountain snows across the Four-Corners Region. Just how far south it digs, and how strong it will become, will be a determining factors in how much, if any precipitation falls in SE NM and W TX.

Severe weather could also be a possibility over parts of the plains states as well. This possibly could include parts of W TX, and maybe even NE/E/SE NM. Its too early for any of the details but it certainly bears watching.

Keep checking back, I will keep the updates concerning this strong fall storm posted here.

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